Saturday, 17 November 2007

ONEWORD at Bates Mill, Huddersfield

Having just moved into a new studio in Bates Mill, and the studios being open to the public as part of HOST 07, we decided to offer cakes on the preview night.

After trailing Huddersfield for an hour trying to find the perfect cakes, we found some suitable chocolate cupcakes. Back in the studio we took some writing icing to them, decorating the cakes with the onewords we had sourced from Victoria Baths earlier in the year.

We went round the studios offering them to other artists and visitors and they became a focal point for conversation. As we didn't have any work to show in our new and empty studio, the cakes provided us with an opportunity to be able to talk about our work as well as find out about the other residents in Bates Mill and the local art audience.

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